How can I help?

1. A part time volunteer Executive Assistant to work with the Foundation President approximately 8 to 16 hours per week.
2. Volunteer Greeters to welcome visitors to the Park and answer questions about the design and future plans.
3. Donated stories of GWOT veterans and their families that can be added to the displays at the Park.
4. Volunteer Project Team Members. Members would work with other team members under the direction of the Team leader to further the mission of Patriot Park. Teams include; Park Care and Maintenance, Fundraising and Finance, Advertising and Digital Information Management, Park Design and Engineering, and Outreach and Public Relations.
5. Host a Fundraising Event.
6. Recruit a Corporate Sponsor.

If you wish to help in any of the ways suggested above or in any other way, please contact Patriot Park Foundation via email at or text or call to 814-233-0351

Our Plans for 2022 include:

  • - Obtaining and displaying relevant military equipment
  • - Additional Information Boards
  • - Providing the names and related reference information for the 7,000 plus who have given their lives in this cause
  • - Enhanced marketing and advertising to promote the project
  • - Obtaining Corporate sponsors for the project
  • - Improved signage
  • - Veterans and Athletes United Traveling Memorial on-site from June 30th thru July 6th
  • - Finalizing a new Logo
  • - Additional infrastructure enhancements, including
  • - Installation of electric service and lighting for the large American flags
  • - Installation of security cameras
  • - Gaining some sort of access across the adjacent State Game Lands property

Next Steps to help and support Patriot Park:

For financial contributions and corporate sponsorships click the following link to take you to the Donor Form.

To volunteer your time and services please click here or contact us via email:

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